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How do You help out a family member with bad credit without screwing yourself??

Okay here it is, my Mom was living in property owned by my uncle. The property was a fixer upper, so he wouldnt had a chance renting it out to other than family. She missed payments here and there for rent and soon after the property got foreclosed.She is now looking for an apartment. So the question is how can I help my Mom to get on track without crippling her, Her credit is not in very good shape, and I am a newly wed in no position to take her in. How do You help out a family member with bad credit without screwing yourself??
I'm not sure what kind of help your mom needs but it she's looking to rent somewhere she could start with a private landlord so she could avoid the whole credit check part.

Secondly, I hope she's working. If not she needs to start looking. A McJob is better than zilch. Thirdly, she needs to start saving, even $20/week helps. If she's really in a bind she needs to live in shared accomodations to lower he overall monthly expenses.

Since you're a newlywed (congrats by the way) you can help her with support and a couple a bucks if she's really in a bind. I don't know you're mom's spending habits but don't let her sucker you into anything. Do NOT open any accounts for or with her.

How do You help out a family member with bad credit without screwing yourself??
Frankly, your mom should know better. She already caused your uncles credit score to go to ruin. She obviously doesn't understand the pain she is causing be not getting her life together. She need sserious financial counseling and help with bill management and cutting expenses. She needs to be working probably 2 jobs. Life won't be easy for her, but she put herself in this situation. She'll be able to find an apartment, but it won't be the greatest one out there. She may need help with first and last month of rent or some other security deposit. But I'm sure you understand if you give her a dime you will never see it back.

I certainly hope your mother's mistakes have helped you learn something so you can have a better life.
Never lend money to friends or family period. If you want to give her money, fine, but don't expect to get it back.

What is the best way to get to Taal Volcano from Manila?

I've heard and been reading a lot about the Taal Volcano in Talisay. This sounds like a great adventure to do!

I want to go on the Taal Volcano tour really early in the morning (7am) and was wondering what is the best way to go about doing this? I would need to factor in commuting from Manila and I do not have a car!

First question would be, how do I find transportation from Manila to Taal? Is it possible to rent a car and hire a driver for this early morning adventure? Do you have any recommendations on which car company to hire? How long of a drive is it from Manila to Talisay?

Second question, should I just spend the day at Taal Volcano and drive back the same day or spend the night in Talisay?

Third, I'm thinking off using Taal Lake Yacht Club for the tour to Taal Volcano, they have very good reviews (1,200 peso for Banca Ride) Should I go with this group or try some other group?

Thank you all for your help! I really appreciate it!What is the best way to get to Taal Volcano from Manila?
Right now you cannot travel or go to Taal because of volcanic activity and some sign of eruption. Check this out for the answers to your questions:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>What is the best way to get to Taal Volcano from Manila?
Call the Subic Seaplane. They pick you up on the Manila Bay near Rizal Park, and they will fly you there and circle the Volcano a few times. This is definitely the BEST way to do that trip.
Philippines travel info at鈥?/a>

How do I get a blue laundry detergent stain out of my cream colored carpet??

Help! My laundry detergent leaked and I now have a big blue stain on my cream colored carpet. What do I need to do to remove it? It has sat for a while because everytime I tried to clean it, it would suds up and I couldn't do anything with it. Replacing it is not an option because I rent an apartment. My parents own a little steamer, would that help? Any help would be greatly appreciated.How do I get a blue laundry detergent stain out of my cream colored carpet??
Just keep rinsing it. Yes, suds will appear, it is soap that is what it does. Just keep blotting it with water and suck up the water with a wet-dry vac. If you steam it, it will still create suds.How do I get a blue laundry detergent stain out of my cream colored carpet??
Also helpful once the suds are gone I would try peroxide.

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you have to keep rinsing it out, use a bucket of cool water and a large sponge, it will come out but it's a lot of work, sorry, good luck!
Try some lemon juice.
Mix Arm and Hammer Baking soda with water and dip a toothbrush into it and scrub the stain
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  • How and where can I get help finding a mortgage with bad credit?

    I have pretty bad credit from when Is was a kid now I need to stop paying rent and start paying a mortage. If anyone knows where I can find help please let me know.How and where can I get help finding a mortgage with bad credit?
    I don't want to sound like a downer, BUT.....with bad credit, you WILL get charged a much higher rate than people with good credit. Which add up to years of extra payments and money. And the housing market and econmy are VERY bad right now. Think this through. Been there done that. And wish I hadn't!How and where can I get help finding a mortgage with bad credit?
    NO, you've got the cart before the horse.

    What you need to do now is keep paying rent and correcting your bad credit. Live within your means. You need to pay every bill on time, pay more than the minimums on each credit card, stop using credit, reduce number of credit cards you have, reduce number of credit cards with balances. Credit problems from when you were a kid would not continue to be a problem unless you are continuing to make poor choices. Repair your credit by taking above steps. In 6 months, your credit will be better, in 1 year, it will be good.

    Save for a down payment for the home you want to buy. The days of no down payment and mortgages for those with bad credit are GONE, haven't you heard endlessly about the mortgage crisis and housing bust? You can do it! But wanting and whining aren't going to get you there nowadays. And there are LOTS of scammers out there, so beware! Take responsibility for yourself and your actions and follow a plan.
    What is your credit score? What is on there bringing it down? What state are you in? You can email me at for a quicker response and help.
    Unique guide info about your question HERE:

    (home loans, apartment financing, mortgage guide)

    Good luck! All is possible!!

    How do I get my cat to quit Harrassing me at night?

    My cat is coming into my bedroom and scratching on my closet door. I know he wants me to get up and play with him, but I have to get some sleep so I can work to pay the rent in my apartment. Any Help?How do I get my cat to quit Harrassing me at night?
    Have a very energetic play session each night just before you go to bed to get kitty tuckered out.

    Get some toys that kitty really likes and leave them out in some other room than your bedroom.

    An early morning play session might give kitty something to look forward to, but that might also give kitty a reason to wake you up really early...

    My Scamper is a Play All The Time kitty. We have a play session before I go to bed and again when I first get up, and he leaves me in peace at night. Well, at least most of the night. He still thinks night is over at the first hint of light, but since I only get up after dawn for a few months a year, it's tolerable.

    If you really can't get something worked out, consider getting kitty a playmate.How do I get my cat to quit Harrassing me at night?
    get rid of it! hehehe...
    close him in a closet at night with his food and bed!
    I have three sweet cats that become monsters by night. Closing the door doesn't work, because they beat on it all night. So, I purchased two baby gates at Wal-Mart (about $9 each) and put them up in the hallway in front of my door. Since I have been doing this, they have not given me any problems. It is a better solution than limiting the amount of space they have at night.
    We have a cat and oh boy....same problem but we thought and thought and thought REAL REAL HARD. FINALLY came up with a solution --- CLOSE THE DOOR AT NIGHT SO THE CAT CAN'T GET IN
    when he starts to scratch on the closet door shoot him w/ a water gun. but dont let him see you do it, you dont want him to think you are being cruel. eventually he will start to think ';everytime i scratch this door, i get splashed!'; and he'll stop. i did it to my cat to stop him from jumping on the kitchen counters and i worked!
    I have one cat that goes under the bed ans scratches it to get our attention. since the only time he scratches under the bed is when at least one of us is in it. we got a large dog crate and a small litterbox and will put him in there at night with some water and some toys.
    I make sure to give my cat plenty of attention before I go to bed (I try not to get her all crazy, I just want her to feel like we give her enough attention) - and make sure to tell her GOOD NIGHT. I also close my bedroom door. If she starts scratching, I get up and put her in the bathroom with her food and water. She's usually happy to sleep in the sink until the morning... and I let her out first thing so she isn't stuck in there all the time.
    I live in a very small apartment that has no bedroom door. I also have two cats (one is still a kitten) that like to wake me up usually around 5 in the morning. You can try keeping him awake longer during the day, play with him and keep him active, until he gets used to your sleeping schedule. I also have kennel trained them so when they are driving me crazy I can put them in a kennel until I am ready to get up. They are pretty good during the week but really don't like letting me sleep in on the weekends. The kennel works for me.
    put the cat in a cage.
    My cat used to scratch the door at 3AM to be let out. Finally I threw him in the pool and he never did it again. Short of that maybe put him in his own room for the night.
    My kitten does that. He always wants to sleep on my head, and he tries to make a nest out of my hair, which is really annoying. Some nights though, he's really good, and goes right to sleep. Other nights, he keeps jumping and scratching the bed, in which case I put him out of the bedroom and close the door. I have to get my beauty sleep!!!

    My home Im renting is over run with fire ants. They are even in the walls! How can i get rid of them? Help!?

    Are there any cheap ways to rid myself of this problem? I dont want to use a ton of chemicals outside as the person i rent from has dogs. Thanks for any replys and have a good day.My home Im renting is over run with fire ants. They are even in the walls! How can i get rid of them? Help!?
    Are you sure that they are fire ants? I live in Texas, fire ant capitol of the I haven't heard of ones getting in the wall, unless their mounds are under your house. Anyone from Texas knows that fire ants are one of the hardest to kills pests that can be in your area. Perhaps your landlord should be let in on your problem. A bag of over-and-out, is the best pesticide on the market, and it should be fine with the dogs. However, an old wifes tale of cinnimon is widely used here to keep all ants out of the house. Make a trail of cinn around the base of your home outside. Then a fine line inside all your cabinets. Ants won't cross cinnimon. I have tried this and they really wont cross the cinn. line. Plant some marigolds outside, they are a natural pest control, but I am not sure if they work for ants, but I know they keep alot of pests away.My home Im renting is over run with fire ants. They are even in the walls! How can i get rid of them? Help!?
    I just heard this--- Take regular cornmeal, and sprinkle around. The ants eat it but they can't digest it, so they die. They supposedly take it back to their mound, (nest, whatever..) and share it and they al l die.

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    I don't know what your tenancy agreement says but it could very well be the responsibility of the landlord to get rid of them for you, particularly if you have already taken reasonable precautions. Have a look for yourself to check.

    I don't know how the laws are in your state but, since you are currently renting than notify those you rent from. They should have the responsibility to exterminate them. If after repeated attempts and no solution or effort on their part to get rid of them it could lead to you being able to get out of the lease.
    We've just built a Florida home, and we've been battling fire ants, too. We also have dogs. So...I go out early morning with granules and a garden hose. I sprinkle just where the hills are and water it in. This method has really cut down the ants and the dogs are doing just fine. A fellow from Bayer Co. talked to us about their products, and we have found those are effective when some cheaper products were a waste of time and money. In the evening, I often do a second circle of the property looking for busy ants. Then I follow them back to their source and sprinkle and water again. I did this April and May, and by June we had remarkably few new mounds starting. Of course, those ants that come in from other properties will have to be eliminated. While this is a situation that can be improved a lot, I have a feeling I'll be 'on guard' against invasions as long as we live in Florida!

    What to do get rid off the cochroach in the apartment?

    i don't want to move to other place to look for the apartment. I like it here because its close to the grocery store and the bank, fashion. restaurant. the apartment where i live is luxury and cheap rent for one bedroom is $850.00. The thing is no matter how clean my sarounding is still the present of the cochroach, I really hate it! the , kitchen, bathroom they every where even inside of the dish washer. I could not believe it. I know they are super dirty insect .

    i already bought a spray for cochroach. gosh still a lot. one time i get piss of i burn them with the candle, thats what i do when I saw one right a way i chase them. Please help me to get rid of coch roch.What to do get rid off the cochroach in the apartment?
    ';Cockroaches are one of the most efficient and adaptable living organisms on the planet. They are also large and unsightly creatures that are the bane of homeowners around the globe. This guide will walk you through the process of containing and eliminating a cockroach infestation in your home environment.

    1. Cockroach population distribution

    Control measures are basically the same for the thousands of different cockroach species, so there is no need to determine which species has infested your home. The main difference lies in population distribution. Inside buildings certain cockroach species will distribute themselves evenly, while others congregate in groups. The first step in roach control is to identify where the roaches are gathering and how many you have.

    The easiest and most effective method of monitoring cockroach populations is with traps. You can purchase inexpensive sticky traps at any hardware store or you can make your own. To make your own, gather a quantity of 1-quart mason jars and coat the inside of the rims with petroleum jelly to keep roaches from escaping. Place a piece of white bread inside to attract them and your trap is ready. Place as many traps as you can throughout your environment. In corners, in cabinets, on shelves, underneath furniture, in bathrooms. The idea is to distribute the traps evenly so the numbers of captured roaches can be used to determine what areas they are concentrated in. This will show you where to direct your pest-control efforts.

    Let the traps sit out for twenty-four hours and then return to them and record the number of roaches that were captured in each one. Kill captured roaches by filling the jars with hot, soapy water. Reset the traps and move the ones that performed poorly into areas of higher roach concentration. Return in another 24 hours to further pinpoint the areas in which they are gathering. Repeat this step until you have a good idea of where they are hanging out. The more traps you use, the faster you will find them all. Remember that roaches tend to travel along the edges of things rather than out into the open so place the traps accordingly.

    2. Eliminate sources of the cockroach infestation

    In this step we will roach-proof all of your food supplies, water supplies and points of entry.

    Roach-proofing food sources

    Roaches will eat any available foods, but they prefer carbohydrates. The catch is that they can eat any type of carbohydrate, including those found in glues, bar soaps, and certain plants. Trade in the bar soaps for a liquid variety and apply petroleum jelly around the outside edges of potted plants to keep the roaches out. It is of utmost importance to overhaul your food storage routines as well. Roaches can chew threw paper, cardboard, and brittle plastics so any foods that rely on these things for storage are vulnerable. Purchase a set of glass or plastic containers with tight-fitting lids and immediately transfer anything that comes in bags or boxes into appropriate containers. Make sure the seal on your refrigerator is clean and complete, and keep all refrigerated foods sealed as tightly as the non-refrigerated foods.

    It鈥檚 important also to modify your kitchen routines. Immediately wipe down any surface used when preparing food, and sweep the kitchen out every day or two. Clean up spills and periodically clean anywhere that grease or cooking residues collect such as stovetops and inside ovens. Store organic wastes separately in a large, plastic container that seals tightly and either compost it outside or throw it away when you take out the trash. When the container gets soiled, soak it in a mild water-bleach solution for a few hours. Use a trash can that has a tightly sealing lid to deny roaches access to your refuse, and clean it as soon as it gets dirty. If you have exposed pet dishes, place them in pans of soapy water to create a moat around the food. Watch for crumbs spilled by your pet and don鈥檛 let the moat dry up. At night, plug and dry your sinks to keep roaches from entering from the drains or easily locating water.

    Roach shelters and breeding grounds

    Roaches prefer dark, warm and moist areas. This means they are likely to hang out underneath refrigerators, inside electrical equipment and outlets, around stovetops, and near any leaky pipes. Thoroughly move through the areas that traps reveal as being population focal points and seal up all nooks, crannies, and cracks that you find with silicone caulk or an appropriate filler material. Cockroaches can fit into cracks as small as 1/5鈥?so be thorough.

    Roach-proofing methods of entry

    Outside of your home roaches will accumulate anywhere there is decaying organic matter. Clean up and clear out dead leaves, overgrown grass and weeds, and any moist areas that collect organic wastes. Pay special attention to overgrowth that is right up against your home.

    In apartment buildings, roaches can gain entry to your living space through unprotected vents, ducts and drains. Combat this weakness by removing vents and placing screens behind them. Seal the edges of the screen against the duct opening with silicone caulk and replace the vent. Next, check that all of your windows have undamaged screens. Any small holes you find in a screen can be repaired with a dab of silicone caulk. Doors should have weather stripping applied over any crack that could allow a roach to enter, and drains should be closed up every night before retiring.

    3. Eliminate the current cockroach population

    If the previous steps were not efficient enough to diminish the population by themselves, you will likely want to use them in addition to one of the following insecticides. Use chemical insecticides sparingly as roaches can easily become immune to new measures. Instead, start with an insecticidal dust. After implementing one of the following measures, be sure to repeat the trapping exercise you performed in step 1 to understand how the population was effected.

    Insecticidal dusts

    Popular insecticidal dusts include Diatomaceous earth and boric acid (Borax). Diatomaceous earth kills roaches by damaging their exoskeletons and then dehydrating them through the wounds. Boric acid works by poisoning them. Of the two, boric acid is the most effective because it does not repel roaches, they do not develop resistance to it, and it will last for as long as it is kept dry. The downside is that it can take up to 10 days to begin working whereas diatomaceous earth begins working immediately after application. When applying dusts, be careful to keep them out of the air.

    Hydramethylnon based bait stations

    Insecticidal baits are used to kill roach populations without covering your environment with poison. Use only those baits that come in tamper-proof bait stations and always keep them inaccessible to children and pets. Some varieties of Combat and maxforce roach bait stations use the poison Hydramethylnon which kills roaches within 3 days of consumption. These work well, but the bait can be quickly used up in infested areas, so replace them often at first - especially if you notice roaches living inside of them.


    Avermectin (Avert) is another commonly used poison that is derived from the naturally occurring soil microorganism streptomyces avermitilis. It works exceptionally well but can only be applied by a licensed professional.

    Insect growth regulators (IGR鈥檚)

    Insect growth regulators work by impeding the developmental process of an insect. In cockroaches they cause sterility in adults. Adults that were resident before the application will be unaffected and will still be able to reproduce, but if there are no neighboring areas of infestation to replenish non-sterile adults this treatment method should eventually cause your roach population to wither and disappear.

    Carbon dioxide fumigation

    Call your local pest control professional to find out if they are equipped for carbon dioxide fumigation. The process involves filling huge plastic bags with roach infested belongings and then suctioning out the air and replacing it with carbon dioxide, killing any roaches inside. This may work well if you are about to move and don鈥檛 want to bring the roaches with you.

    Steam cleaning

    Steam can also be used to kill roaches. It can be shot into holes, cracks, and underneath appliances to kill any resident roaches.


    Compared to the above methods, foggers are ineffective. They are marketed to people who do not want to expend the effort necessary to intelligently fight their roach infestation and they expose all of the home鈥檚 occupants to whatever poisons are in the treatment. Any cockroaches will likely retreat into their hiding places and wait until the fog dissipates before returning to the open. The dried poison residue that remains on all of your living surfaces will not kill them. Stay away from foggers.';What to do get rid off the cochroach in the apartment?
    I agree with Debra.
    Yes, you should complain to your landlord, but he's probably already aware of the problem. To keep them out of your apartment, sprinkle Borax (boric acid) around the baseboards. I've had the unfortunate experience to have been in your situation and the Borax kept my apartment roach-free. You can find Borax at any hardware store.
    Ah yes,.. roaches,... well the way I see it,. you have 3 potential options

    1. Traps,.. of course then your spending your own money

    2. In an attempt at psycological warfare, you could catch one and feast on it infront of his peers hoping that it will scare the rest into running away,... orrr

    3. I agree with debra (last post) it should be in the lease agreement, and the land lord should hae to deal with that. If not like debra said, report them, call the city inspector or whatnot for your area
    You will need to get the whole place fumigated. The bugs maybe coming from the other tenants. Talk to the landlord about it too.
    Just spry a little for it, they dont like the smell and will moved next door.
    Don't use spray, that just ticks them off. On top of that, spray can be more toxic to humans than roaches.

    Strategically placed roach traps worked for me. I just put them down once and never saw another roach again.

    They like warm, moist places, so place one at the foot of the dishwasher, under the refrigerator, and under the kitchen sink. They will completely disappear after about a week or two!
    This is easy. Go to the store and buy a container of borac acid powder. This is one of the main ingredients in commercial roach poisons but it is gentle enough to use as an eye wash if prepared properly. Its cheap. Put a little at a time into a baster or something similar and dust behind everything you can that you know roaches are hiding. Leave it down for about a week and vacuum. Reapply as necessary. You will be surprised at the bug bodies you will find. After you notice the population going down just re apply to strategic areas as roach eggs will hatch quickly. What this does is it breaks down the protective coating on the insects shell and it get eaten when the bugs try to clean themselves. I have used this with great success and it is cheaper than most anything else.
    Call your landlord, they should come in and take care of the problem.. If they don't report them!
    use some oil's very effective and very cheap